19 Ridiculously Simple Lessons in Persuasion

Lesson 12 - Hypocrisy Syndrome

A hypocrite is someone who complains about a behavior but does it themselves.

This is similar to a Self-serving bias. The Hypocrisy Syndrome is seeing a behavior as okay when we do it but horrible when other's do it.

Below are some examples. It seems to me that all humans are hypocrites, but of course not you. How many can you come up with? Notice what annoys you and see how you feel when you do this to others.

People dislike hypocrites. If you are a hypocrite which I assure you are, then there are a number of people who will be hard to persuade since they don't like you. The point is to notice what makes you feel bad. Then notice when you do this to others. You need to be aware of what's preventing people from liking you, which is one of the seven elements of persuasion.
1.I sit on train and get angry when someone sits in my seat and hate when people don't allow me to easily sit in their seat
2.People phone's beeping annoys me yet my phone and computer beeps
3.I hated it when co-worker kept banging, and hate that co-worker told me to stop banging while I listen to music
4.You fart it's okay, someone else fart's it's the end of the world
5.Leaving people out pisses them off and when you're left out you're pissed off
6.You wear headphones to block noise but if someone else wears them you want or have to talk to it's annoying
7.Making me wait when I interrupt you is annoying but being interrupted is annoying
8.I like to criticize people but hate to be criticized
9.People going through a stop sign pisses me off, but when I do it, it's okay
10.You pick in public, it's okay. I pick and you want to kill me
11.Okay to make fun or put down someone's religion or beliefs but if they question yours, that means they've gone too far.
12.You are talking to loud on the phone but when I talk it's too loud
13.Your snoring is keeping me up by my snoring is okay
14.I hate when co-workers use their speaker phone but I use mine and it's okay
15.If someone talks to loud on train it drives me crazy, but if I'm with a friend I'll probably talk too loud
16.A car cuts me off and I could kill him, but if I cut someone off "I'm sorry"
17.I like to give unsolicited advice but hate when someone gives it to me
18.As I cross street guy drives like maniac, I think "You're gonna kill someone." I just drove like a maniac to make the train
19.My wife sneezes and I say "Wow, that could wake up the dead." I sneeze and get annoyed when coworker says, "That was a loud one," and same coworker's sneezes annoys me.

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