19 Ridiculously Simple Lessons in Persuasion

Lesson 4 - Scarcity

The third letter of the ASSCURL acronym for persuading is Scarcity.

When something is scarce it is valuable. If you can make people think there is a scarcity then you can persuade them to want it more.

Some words that show scarcity.
  • Banned video
  • Rare
  • One of a kind
  • Secret
  • Only
  • Last ones
  • Proceed with caution (referring to information)
  • Spy techniques
  • Danger/Dangerous
  • Hand made
  • Unique video...
  • Limited time
  • Offer ends in 2 days
  • I have a unique skill
  • Unattainable
  • Gone
  • Unavailable

    We want what we don't have or is rare. The 1943 copper penny is rare. There are only 8 of them in the world. How much do you think a penny is worth?

    People want what they can't have. When they get it they don't want it anymore.

    1943 steel penny which is said to have sold for $1 million.

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