19 Ridiculously Simple Lessons in Persuasion

Lesson 7 - Reciprocation

The six element of persuasion from the element ASSCURL is Reciprocation.

Reciprocation is the act of returning a favor to someone. It is my belief that everyone acts for the own reward. No behavior is done without a benefit to the giving.

Some examples of reciprocation are:
  • Free samples
  • Gifts
  • Mailing from non-profits with mailing labels included
  • Free coffee
  • Free service
  • Timeshare free room to hear sales talk
  • Helping someone
  • Doing a favor for someone
  • You do work to receive money
  • You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

    Almost anything that's free should alert you to the reciprocation effect.

    There is a human bias to reciprocate favors when one is done for you.

    Note that Reciprocation can be negative. If you behave a certain way that's perceived as negative then someone may do a negative to you.

    If you fail to reciprocate this can make people angry at you.

    Do some research on Cialdini's Reciprocation.

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